Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally - things are looking up

The interview went well and they are currently checking references.  Once they hear back from 2 of them, I can proceed to the next step, which is being fingerprinted for background investigation.  No it's not my idea of a dream job, but it's apparently what is meant to be.  It's part time, around my schedule at this point with the possibility of going full time when the unit they are renovating reopens.  And I think part time is good for now.  It will give us the income we need and still allow me to be available for the kids and finally get back on track with band maintainence.

So the moral to this story, is that it is all about His will, not mine and in His time and not mine.  It hasn't been easy and He's probably been just as frustrated with me as I have been with waiting on Him.

Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to make it to Chicago.  It might be last minute and I'll have to stay out in the 'burbs with my friend but maybe I'll get to meet some of you IRL.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Another Pop In Post

I just realized it's been a while since I posted anything.  I'm still here.  There's just nothing new to report.  Still no job, still no fills, and the scale hasn't moved.

I'm 4 1/2 months post op and stuck at a measly 22 lb weight loss.  It's frustrating because I really wanted to be double that at this point and really hoping to make goal by the time my one year bandiversary rolled around.

At the same time though, I have to be thankful  I'm hovering, because if I continued to lose weight, I'd be running around naked.  Without a job there's no room in the budget for shopping.  So I guess I'll just be happy with the status quo and thankful that I haven't gained.

I am going to admit, I'm pissed that I didn't get the job with the 3.5 hour interview. 
A)  I missed out on 10 days with my family for the first interview with that company.  My son hasn't seen his grandpa since Christmas because I chose to go to the interview and cancel our summer vacation.
B)  Because the interview ran 1.5 hours longer than they scheduled, I was unable to pick my daughter up on her first day of school.  I was frantically calling the school and my next door neighbor to make sure she could ride the bus home.  I got home minutes after the bus dropped them off and asked about her day.  Her words were: "Why should I tell you?!  You didn't pick me up like you said you would."  OUCH!
C)  Because I'm apparently nuckin futs delusional because I thought both interviews went well!
D)  Screw them!  They're the ones missing out on an awesome nurse!

I had an interview yesterday with a nursing home.  I feel destined to be stuck in nursing's where I started out 15 years ago as a CNA wiping butts and giving showers.  I became a nurse so I didn't have to do that anymore and I don't like doing the nurse thing at a nursing home because I'm pretty non confrontational...I hate telling other people what to do.  Especially when they should know what they have to do.   I have a second interview tomorrow with the Director of Nursing.  It's a part time gig, but that may be a blessing, as they are willing to work with my schedule.  I may be able to get out of the whole every other weekend thing...or at least Saturdays.  Munchkin has games every Saturday for the next two months.

Speaking of which they are having a fundraiser and it ends on August 31st.  If you are interested, it's Pampered Chef and delivered directly to your door.  Just enter CAYA/Angel Sieb as the host.  If you've never ordered Pampered Chef, you can't go wrong with the $1 citrus peeler or their ice cream scoop!  It's seriously the best ever!  LOL  And the stoneware can turn anyone into the perfect baker!
CAYA Cheerleading Fundraiser

Thursday, August 12, 2010


No, I didn't lose 40 pounds!  Hell, I still haven't even lost 30!  Actually, not even 25!  I found a different bariatric doc down here, but he wants a $400 "program fee".  Such B.S., really, because again when I asked what the "program fee" covered, it was all the typical pre-op know, the stuff that I've already been through and done?  So it looks like I'll be going to the guy that only rips me off for $250...when I get a job.

Yep, that's that the 4-0 stands for.  4 job interviews, one which was 3.5 hours long.  Still  no job offer.  The most recent interview was for a company that is contracted by the state's Department of Juvenile Justice.  I am disouraged and I am pissed.  I am an outstanding nurse and any place I applied would be lucky to have me.  You know why?  Because I work my ass off, do the jobs usually of 3 people, and do it well!  My patients love me...which in turn, reflects positively on the company I work for.  It's not that I do this on my own though, this is what God has chosen for me to do in life...and that is why I rock at it.  Which makes it hard right now to have the faith and trust in Him that I know I should.  If He gave me this Spiritual gift, then why isn't He letting me put it to good use?!

So I'm still sending out resumes, but tomorrow I'm heading to all the local restaurants to apply for waitressing jobs.  Hell, at this point, I'll even flip burgers at McD's.  Would you like fries with that?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Poppin' In

Sorry I haven't been around this last week.  Munchkin returned home this past Sunday afternoon with my mom and two nieces staying until yesterday.  Yesterday was Munchkin's first day of school here in Florida and I had another interview with the same company as my last one last month.

The interview started at 11:15 and I wasn't headed back to the town where we live until 2:45.  So I had to call the sitter and get the number for Munchkin's school so I could call them and have her ride the bus home.  Then I had to call my neighbor (whose boys also ride the bus) to let her know Munchkin would be getting off with them.  I managed to make the 45 minute drive in about 30 due to my lead foot and lack of traffic, so I was just a couple minutes behind the bus.  She gets in the car so we can go get Monster and I ask her how her day was.  Her words:
"Why should I tell you?  You didn't pick me up like you said you would."  So yeah I lost some serious good mommy points with her yesterday. 

After picking up Monster, I took her to get some new shoes because she outgrew the ones I bought at the beginning of summer that she just let sit in her closet.  Luckily, they let me return them even without the receipt.  Monster picked out some new shoes too.  He says they make him run fast!  LOL

Hubby was home for a day and a half last week then went up to Ohio to see his two older kids.  Don't know when he'll be home, but that's nothing new.  Although Munchkin is a bit miffed he wasn't here when she came back from Grandma's and that he wasn't here for her first day of school.  He better be here before Tuesday as it's her first cheer practice.  She'll be cheering for the neighbor boy's football team through the local athletic youth association.

That's about all that's new.  I'll try to catch up on everyone's blogs this weekend as I'm off to run errands for the day.  Have a great weekend!