Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally - things are looking up

The interview went well and they are currently checking references.  Once they hear back from 2 of them, I can proceed to the next step, which is being fingerprinted for background investigation.  No it's not my idea of a dream job, but it's apparently what is meant to be.  It's part time, around my schedule at this point with the possibility of going full time when the unit they are renovating reopens.  And I think part time is good for now.  It will give us the income we need and still allow me to be available for the kids and finally get back on track with band maintainence.

So the moral to this story, is that it is all about His will, not mine and in His time and not mine.  It hasn't been easy and He's probably been just as frustrated with me as I have been with waiting on Him.

Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to make it to Chicago.  It might be last minute and I'll have to stay out in the 'burbs with my friend but maybe I'll get to meet some of you IRL.


  1. Hey D-- If you are near Orlando some of us are getting together Sunday when my sister and I come to town. FB message me for details!

    Part time is better than nothing. I understand how frustrating it is to not get what you're looking for though. I hope you get it!

  2. Here's hoping this all works out for this job...and hoping you can join us in Chicago.