Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to the previously sighted low

So, it appears that good ol' Aunt Flo was in for a visit at the time of my last post.  Since she has gone away so has the three pounds she brought with her.  I am now back to the previously new low of 192.  I am still in size 16's.  I wonder if 14's will ever happen.  So close....but so far away!

Anyhow, Sunday is weigh-in day so I'm really hoping to break the curse of the 190's and see 189.  I need some motivation.  I've been plateau'd in the 190's for like 6 months!  It sucks!  But I do feel this fill is doing it's job.  I don't think I'm quite to the ever elusive "sweet spot" but I think I'm getting close.

Now, I just gotta get this booty moving.  I've never been a fan of exercise and I hate panting and sweating like a dog.  Hence why summer in the pool was great for me.  So I am going to break down and finally order the Zumba DVDs since I haven't found a class that works with my work schedule. *sigh*  I also wanted to get opinions on the Wii game "Just Dance".  Have any of you played this...I've heard it's a pretty good work out and anything that is fun and gets my booty moving is a good investment for me.

So while I haven't been doing the cardio, I have been doing a little weight training.  Working on the ever dreaded batwings and doing situps with the exercise ball I have.  I really should start taking measurments since the scale doesn't like to move.  Maybe I'd find motivation there?

So that's the scoop.  Other aspects of life continue to be on the sucky side without an end in sight anytime soon.  Hubby's still struggling with EOD school which while it's his school, puts a lot of stress on me, too.  The new job is okay.  Being a landlord blows and I want to stab the eyes out of my current property manager.  Working on finding a new one....


  1. I don't have the Just Dance Wii game, but it does look fun. I have Zumba for Wii which is fun, but you will have covered with your DVDs. I also like Wii Cheer, because I'm a big dork. But it is fun!

  2. I have Just Dance and Just Dance 2 for the Wii. I love them. Totally great and entertaining workout. It's nice to have others join in the fun as well. I have Zumba for the Wii and I love it so much more than the DVD's.

  3. We have Just Dance and Just Dance 2. Love them both. Weight training is a great idea too.