Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No Mo' Status Quo

So much for being thankful I haven't gained...because I've managed to gain back 6lbs.  This my dearies, is what happens when you get a band and get zero aftercare.  Not that I haven't been trying.

I finally got a part-time job with the nursing home and I've been orienting and dreading every single minute.  I went to nursing school to get out of nursing homes!  Well, while I was at the first day of orientation, I got a call back with a job offer for the county health department.  I went in the day after Labor Day to do the fingerprints for the background check.  Unfortunately, it takes 2-3 weeks for the results to come back and I won't start until the first day of their new pay period following the receipt of the background results.  So knowing I have this other job, that's M-F, no weekends, no holidays, an hour lunch.....really makes it hard to continue on with the charade of orienting at the nursing home.  However, I continue because tthe bills still have to be paid.  It doesn't help that the Army has completely jacked up Hubster's pay and we can 't  do anything about it til the end of the month when he gets his LES.  That's where we can see what DFAS did with his check.  Right now, he's getting shorted about $300 a pay period.  How'd DFAS like it if I randomly removed $600 from their monthly budget with no explanation?!  Anyhow...there's just one more glimpse into the glamourous life of an army wife...dealing with DFAS!

So onto the band thing - Yes, I gained 6 pounds.  Of course, I gained weight.  Hubster is finally back home with us and as usual, all things healthy have disappeared from our house.  The man does not eat fruits or veggies.  His daily breakfast consists of a Snickers and a Monster energy drink.  The only way I get veggies into him is if I make a casserole...and I'm a kind of casserole cooker.  Less dirty dishes!  LOL  But I know this cycle and I should nip it in the bud and am trying to incorporate more veggies with our meals and buying fresh fruits for me and the kids.  When hubby is gone, there's always salad, apples, bananas, baby carrots, etc that we'll munch on and we're not ashamed to have a bowl of cereal for supper on occasion!  LOL

Well, now that I have a job, I tried rescheduling with the doctor in Pensacola.  I talked to them Thursday and they promised a call back Thursday afternoon.  I didn't hear anything on Friday but know many specialists are closed on Fridays...why?  Because they can be!!!  So I called back every day this week and still haven't gotten a return call.  It's quite frustrating because I need to get seen before I start the job with the county.

However, I know that once I get in, it's going to be like being a brand new bandster all over again.  Face it, I haven't had any restriction since surgery.  The only foods I really have issues with are breads, doughy pastries, bananas and sometimes chicken.  Anyone esle get stuck on bananas?   I'm going to have to relearn the stuff about chewing, eating slow, and reducing quantity.  I never really went through bandster hell, but have a feeling I'm about to.

Also now that I have a job, I'm looking forward to ordering the Zumba DVDs because I know I just won't have time for the gym and that's a monthly expense I don't want to add.

Hope you are all doing wonderfully and enjoy the BOOBs trip! 


  1. First for the important stuff...What is it with banana's??? I too find them tough to eat.

    Congratulations on the GOOD've really earned's been really testing you for the last few months that's for sure...but, patience has paid off. Good for you. Just think how well off you'll feel when they sort out hubby's pay AND you've got your wages coming in! Woo Hoo! xx

  2. Congrats on the County job! That is going to be awesome!!! In the meantime, hang in there. I totally understand where you're at though...hard to be there when you know you have something better.

    Bananas cause me grief once in's very strange!

  3. So glad you got the county job! BTW, when you call Dr Friedman's office, try to talk to Jennifer. She is great and will get you in asap. And they work until 12:00 on Fridays. They get to the office by 9am and Jennifer is the nurse there. Good luck!

  4. Thanks, Miss V! Lee finally called me back and got me in on the 30th. Hopefully, it will work out to be between jobs. I have to take Monster to the allergist on the 5th so...don't want to start off by missing due to the appts.

  5. Congrats on the job!! :D

    Would your hubby be good with crockpot food? Those meals are easier to make healthy than casseroles and also have the advantage of less dirty dishes. And they're easy to get veggies into too. ;)