Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm over Florida!  I wish I was Dorothy and could click my heels three times and be back in Kansas where I had a house I loved, a job that wasn't bad, and friends I could actually turn to.

I got some really craptacular news today.  The county called and rescinded the job offer because of a grudge an old supervisor has.  Funny thing is, I had a letter of recommendation from her supervisor!  However, the director above them said I'm a no-go because of it despite the letter of recommendation, great reviews from my last two employers, and other co-workers from the same place the begrudged still works.  So now I am stuck at the nursing home, which I was reluctant to go to in the first place but knew I could get a job.

I also finally went to the doctor for this headache I've had for a week straight.  He seemed to think it was sinuses, but I haven't felt stuffed up at all and it's been a couple weeks since my allergies really bothered me.  Maybe it's residual or maybe it's the mold in the walls at the nursing home I am stuck in....I know it's there because they had to move a resident out of that room.  It wasn't just the a/c in the room but it's in the walls too and so since they're remodeling they've made it the temporary med room...where we have to get our supplies and count our controlled injectibles.  The headache didn't start til after I was exposed to that area.  I guess we'll see if the antibiotics fix it.  I also got stuff for the nausea and the headache itself, as well as a nasal allergy spray.  Oh, and he gave me what for for  not having any band aftercare since being here.  I told him I had the appointment scheduled...but with the current situation (below) I may have to cancel again.

Well, I went to check our bank account to make sure there weren't any surprises and things were the way they should only to find out there's a large chunk of money  withdrawn we weren't expecting.  We thought that sum of money was the reason Hubster's pay may have been messed up because it was supposed to be set up as an allotment.  So now, not only his check screwed up but it's really screwed up and he can't do anything about it until at least the 24th when his end of month LES will be up.  But they won't fix it until sometime next month if they don't manage to screw it up again...his pay has been messed up since May.  We thought we finally got it fixed in July and then they messed it up last month.  He went to have it corrected, and now it's even more jacked up.  WTF?!  FML!!

I guess all I can do now is hope DFAS gets it's head out of it's ass and corrects Hubster's pay ASAP.   meanwhile, I'll pray the Air Force base calls back and offers me a job with them (they've called twice to see if I'm interested) otherwise I'll be looking for some local retail or restaurant work because the nursing home just isn't going to cut it.

The one flicker of light today...4 of the 6 pounds I gained are now gone and I'm back into One-derland.


  1. Oh that sucks! I have to say I've done a lot of HR work and there are strict rules about reference checks and you can't really ask about performance just did the person work there from? and their position was? The fact that they are rescinding an offer based on information they probably shouldn't have gotten in the first place raises some HR red flags.
    Sorry about the paycheck thing. It always seems like that stuff happens when you need every dime. hang in there.

  2. It wasn't the people I interviewed with (a panel of 3) that had issues with it, but their director. My would have been supervisor already had my orientation packet set up to go and she had called me after talking to the begrudged for clarification. I was honest with her and in speaking with her today, she mentioned the begrudged "didn't act very professional". It wasn't about my performance, but in the manner I left. But still more than she legally could disclose. Sad thing is, she gave a nurse who conistently gave the wrong vaccinations at the wrong times, couldn't do her job, and was fired a professional reference...and that nurse got a job in the immunization clinic on base!! Scary chit!

  3. What a bitch (the begrudged obv.) I'm so sorry, hope something comes up at the base.
    Well done on being back in onederland!

  4. I am so sorry you have had such a crappy time here. I hope the air force base does call back. Please email me so we can get :)

  5. Sorry for the bad news, but at least you are back in Onderland!!