Sunday, July 11, 2010


That is how I feel right now in regards to my band.  I know I've been eating way more than I should even without restriction.  I'm worried I might have stretched my pouch but have no way to tell until I can get in to see the doctor...which won't happen until I have a J.O.B. and some C.A.S.H.  I have noticed that after eating I get a pain to the right side, the same place I had pain post surgery due to the hiatal hernia repair.

Add to that the scale hasn't been moving much at all, I just feel stuck and am a bit sad I can't use this tool that was given to me because of that darn administrative fee.  I asked around and there might be another doctor closer I can see, but I've got to wait til tomorrow to make some phone calls.

So in order to get back on track, I'm going retro to the pre-op diet.  That is my goal this live one week on the pre-op diet and hopefully get the scale moving in the right direction and get my mind where it needs to be.  I also to plan to spend at least 30 minutes a day treading water in the pool and swimming at least 10 laps.

In other news:

Baby Jayden went home yesterday!  What an absolutely amazing little man and what  a testament to God's power and might!  He actually set a record for being discharged post transplant.  Prior to him, the earliest anyone had been released was 10 days.  He was released in 8!  God is good!!

I also had an interview on Thursday for an office nurse position.  There are two openings, one to work with an ENT and the other to work in their float pool.  The practice has 23 specialties and around 50 physicians so even in the float pool, it's a full time job.  Pros to the ENT position:  One doc and able to get into a steady groove.  Cons: Snot, Spit and Earwax.   Pros to the Float Pool position:  Exposure to many different specialties including neuroscience...that would be cool.  Cons:  Never in the same place for long and lots of personalities to learn to jive with.  Either way it's a job with good hours and decent pay.  I'm supposed to hear back this week whether or not I've been selected for one of the 3 openings.  If so, orientation starts the 20th.  I'd appreciate your prayers and good vibes that I get this!

Hope y'all had great weekends!  I'm off to clean out my car because it smells like something died in it! *gag*  Who knows...with kids, maybe something did!


  1. I have been keeping baby Jayden in my prayers so I am happy to see that he is on his way home.. and so I will hope, pray and send positive vibes that you will be selected and get all of the band stuff sorted out.. good strategy with the pre op diet.. you know it works..

  2. keeping my fingers crossed for your job, & keeping jayden in my thoughts!!

    oh and is BE that i work for ;-) good stuff!!

  3. I am so happy to hear that baby Jayden is going home... It's amazing to see God at work. I hope the pre-op diet jump starts your weight loss. It worked the first time so why not? Good Luck finding a doctor without the Admin fee, I had to pay $1000 to the doctor for admin fee before my surgery but luckily nothing since. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

  4. So happy for baby Jayden! I really hope you get this job!

  5. Glad to hear baby Jayden is doing better and going home! :) I'm sorry to hear about the lack of restriction, but I'll keep you in my prayers that things get better for you soon!!