Monday, July 12, 2010

What's That You're Wearing?

I am currently wearing Eau De Mustard.  Yep...I smell like mustard and am proud of it!

See, there's this thing about living in the cannot go into your yard barefoot or you will come out with bloody nubs where your feet once were due to the fire ants.  Now, I know this and I don't normally walk in our yard at all.  But I was finishing up the detailing of my SUV of Stink - vacuuming, wiping down the leather, the dash, and getting all the nooks and crannies clean.  Well, I was done and went to wind up the cord of the vacuum, which was setting just off the driveway in the yard.  Then I felt the little stings.  I swear I must have stepped on an actual hill because there were at least 20 of them on my feet.  I swipe them away as fast as I can, run to the kitchen and slather my feet in hand sanitizer...why, because it's what was handy.

I went back out, finished up winding up cords, closed the garage door, came in the house and immediately took two benadryl.  See, when I get bit by these ants, the bites swell up huge to the size of dimes and then they turn into these little fluid filled bubbles the next day.  They itch like mad and last for weeks and actually leave scars on me. :-(  After downing the Benadryl, I jumped in the shower because I was a sweaty, stinky and now itchy mess.

The Benadryl didn't do anything bu make my whole mouth numb (they were the dissolvable thin strips I keep on hand for the kids) and my feet were still swollen and felt like fire.  So me, asked any of my FB friends if they knew any home remedies.  First response was mustard and it was something I had on hand, so I gladly slathered my feet in mustard.....and it was such a relief!  So here, I sit in mustard covered feet, so glad my friend knew of this little trick!!!

And who knows....maybe it'll be the next big thing at Bath & Body Works!  LOL


  1. That is AWESOME to know. Sorry you got stung. I HATE Fire Ants. Living in the South too, I learned the hard way when I moved out here that I'm allergic to the little suckers. One sting and I swell up like a balloon in the spot where I was stung. Yellow mustard, I will have to remember that.

    Hope you feel better, well better than you feel now with mustard covered piggies! ;)

  2. Oh, the ants are terrible here in FL. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Mustard? I have to remember that! I'm another Southern Girl and I will not (can not, actually) walk barefoot in my yard. We are fireant central no matter how much ant killer we put down each year. I hate those little rat bastards!!

    I'm thrilled to find a new remedy, as I swell when I'm bitten by more than one at a time!

  4. I have never heard of the mustard trick...luckily we don't have any in our yard so far...they are so horrible!

  5. Wow, new thing I learned today...Mustard is really good on burns too. I've poured hot water or when cooking get a little burned and that usually helps calm the stinging and it does not blister. Don't know what it is, but it's helped me a couple times

  6. Wow, I'm definitely going to have to try the mustard trick on my boyfriend. He is HUGELY allergic to ants, so I always have to carry benadryl everywhere we go. Camping, to his dad's house... out to a restaurant, you never know where those suckers are going to be! So, I'm going to do that if he gets bit again.

    Oh but think, the mustard is on your feet, so it won't be too potent of a smell... as long as someone doesn't walk by you and all of a sudden says they're hungry. lol Have fun in your mustard soak!! :)