Monday, October 11, 2010

And it's good!!!!

Isn't that what they say when football players make a field goal??

Well I made my first mini goal!  I am officially 25 pounds down!  That fill last week is doing it's job.  5 pounds down in a week....SUH-WEEEET!!!!!!

I also loosened back up over the weekend.  Friday was still a little tight and I stuck to mushies.  Saturday regular food was okay and has been since. 

I think I might still be eating a bit more than I should, but I am definitely eating much less than I was before the fill.  I'm kind of amazed at how little I can eat (compared to what I was eating before) and feel full.  For example, on Friday when I was doing the mushies, a value menu cup of chili from Wendy's was almost too much.  Tonight, I had a few bites of pizza topping, two wings, and a couple bites of salad did it.  Pre-band, that never would have cut it.  It would have been at least 2 pieces of pizza, half an order of wings, and a full plate of salad.

I really need to find some protein shakes around here that I like.  They don't carry Amplify and I'm not sure I want to buy it online.  But to get my protein in, I'm going to need to start drinking one in the mornings...I'm too tight to really eat anything until 10:30 or so and I don't have the time to eat then.  Lunch is at noon and I've been taking a yogurt and string cheese.

The other thing I need to work on is water intake.  Really need to boost that.  That may be my morning meal....after my coffee to get in 20 oz of water before lunch and another 20 oz after.  I know that's still short of the recommended 64 but I'll work on getting another 20 oz between getting off work and going to bed.

I also have a mini goal of reaching a solid size 14 before December.  I'm a size 16 now, so I think it's totally doable.  I'd also like for these size L scrubs pants to be a little looser in the butt and thighs and the scrub top to be looser around my upper arms.  Hopefully my "Jiggle Free Arms" and "Jiggle Free Buns" will help with those goals!


  1. Believe it or not, I really love the Slim Fast Protien shake. It's delicious in chocolate- I mix with skim milk, ice and a shot of coffee in the blender. Yummy, and very affordable. It has 15gms of protien.

  2. Great News.. I know exactly what you mean.. my last fill put me at the sweet spot (which I thought I was at before) but not so.. I drink the EAS protein drinks (17 g per drink) two of them get my base protein in and then I supplement with solid protein chicken, eggs, cheese, beans.. try to get 80 gs in everyday. I have noticed a bid difference when you stick to the required protein you just make better food choices.. good luck

  3. Great job on the lossess!! Do you have a Wal Mart around you? I use the Body Fortress powder protien and it is really good (chocolate or vanilla) and it is only $15 for a huge container. It's not bad for the price and 26 g of protien a serving.