Thursday, October 7, 2010

Need some Bandster help

I think I'm tight today....I haven't been able to eat ANYTHING today without pain.  The pain is in the area where your collarbones know, that softspot at the top of your sternum?  My coffee this morning was hard to get down.  Lunch was a protein shake and I could feel it with every sip.  I managed to choke down 3 slices of deli-sliced ham at dinner.  However, it's now 9:10 at night and I still feel like something is trying to cut it's way through my throat. this what being tight is?  How long til things loosen back up?  I've been fine since the fill last Thursday.  Maybe it was the chicken and rice I made last night.  I tried to eat it but noticed at bite three I was getting stuck and quit eating.

Also, because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything today at lunch time, I stopped by this local little health store (kind of like a GNC) and that's where I picked up the protein shake.  I was asking if they carried the Amplify that I really liked but they don't.  They recommended a brand called Nectar.  She gave me a couple sample sized packs (one in strawberry and one in cappucino) and was wondering if any of you had tried it and liked it.  What's your favorite flavor?  If any of you are interested in trying it, it has 23 grams of protein, 0 carbs, 0 fat.  Sorry, can't remember the calorie count off hand.  Anyhow, it looks like I'll be drinking my meals tomorrow, too based on how I feel tonight.


I got an office job!!!  Yep, no more nasty nursing home!!!  I think I scared Monster when I got the call because as soon as it ended, I was screaming for joy and dancing like a crazy person.  LOL  Anyhow, I've been there 2 days and so far, so good.

Tomorrow is weigh day.  Can't wait to see how the fill has done....because I can't claim credit.  Excercise has not been a part of my routine the last couple weeks, but I'm hoping to start getting it in in the mornings before work.  I'd love to take the dog for a walk, but afraid to leave the kids home alone in case something happened here or to me while I was walking.  So next pay day I'm going to go ahead and get the Zumba DVDs as I can't think of a better way to wake up and get going in the mornings!!!


  1. This would not be a normal tightness, not in my opinion. Do liquids tomorrow in case you irritated it, but if it keeps going, call your doctor and get a small unfill. This amount of tightness is not normal.

  2. WHOO HOO and high fives on the new job!! I'm sorry I can't help with the band - but I am thrilled for you that you've got the job!! Way to GO!!

  3. Hmmm, very interesting. I think if you are not better today then you should call the doctor's office. They are there until noon on Fridays, however there is a number for emergencies on their answering machine. The Dr. will be having surgery on Sunday, so he has a P.A. helping out with fills and what not. I hope it is better today. And congratulations on your new job! I am so happy for you!