Monday, October 25, 2010

Double Dog Dare

I'm going to take the challenge.  This will be my first challenge since being banded. 

Goal Weight: 145 x 11 = 1,595 calories per day

Today's weight: 194

Breakfast:  Protein bar - 280 cal,  29g protein
                 Coffee with 2tbsp fat free creamer - 60 cal

Lunch:  5 grilled bbq chicken wings from home:  330 cal, 37g protein
             1  light string cheese stick:  60 cal, 8g protein

Supper:  1 cup ham & bean soup:  150 cal, 13g protein
              cornbread w/ butter: 162 cal, 1g protein

Snack:  Two bites (one from each kid's candy bar) Milky Way:  76 cal, 1g protein

Water:  64oz

Total for today:  1060 calories and 91g protein
        535 calories short

I was not hungry for snack...I just wanted chocolate.  Yes, AF is on her way to town so chocolate, salt and ice cream are all I really want.  So, if I was truly following my band rules, I wouldn't have taken those two bites.  In reality, the second one was only taken due to the mommy factor.  I took a bite of Monster's and then Munchkin saw he had to prevent Monster Meltdown I had to take a bite of hers too.  <---and it's little things like that that made me fat!

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