Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's the Little Things

that make life worth living with the band, right?

Like finding a super delish meal replacement bar at a store just around the corner from your office.
Or finding they also carry a super protein shake that has 32g of protein and can keep me full the rest of the afternoon.
Wearing a smaller size work uniform.

It's also the little things I miss most.

I miss being able to have a PB&J sandwich.
I miss being able to enjoy a chili cheese dog without using a fork...don't you know the bun adds a major part to the enjoyment of such a thing?
I miss real's the bun that makes it, right?  (although Cracker Barrell offers a bunless bacon cheesburger (that makes two meals for a bandster)).
And who doesn't miss a fresh hot KK doughnut?  Heck some days I'd even settle for a Pillsbury Toaster Struedel.

I also ran across a blog where someone apparently eats out every meal and while what this person eats is healthy, this person tends to really knock others who can't follow this plan.  Yes, this person eats great tasting food that is great for you and we could all do this
*If we were chefs with our own restaurant and tons of ingredients at our fingertips
*If our grocery budget was the same as a gourmet restaurant
*If we weren't working a 9-5 where mornings involved getting everyone in the house up and ready for the day and time allowed only for a protein shake for breakfast.
*If one wasn't stuck using their1 hour lunch trying to run errands because everything is closed by the time one gets off work. So lunch is another protein shake or maybe a yogurt and string cheese.
*If, once off work,  one is picking up the kids and shuffling them from practice to church to wherever.
*If on the few days the above wasn't happening, one has to cook something everyone, including the bandster, can and will eat.

This other blogger needs to realize what works for them is not going to work for everyone.  We are all individuals as is each of our lives.  If this other blogger wants to live the rest of their lives on a diet than good for them.  However I know I chose to be banded to get off the diet roller coaster and take control of my hunger and portion size.  To say those who choose to use the band to be able to restrict themselves to "everything in moderation" are weak or fooling ourselves is insulting.  Just because that person can't have one of their former weaknesses in the house because that person will completely binge doesn't mean everybody else will. 

I myself was a former binger.  Example: Pre-band I ordered some divine homemade toffee from a fellow military wife with an etsy shop.  I ate the entire order within 24 hours.
Post band:  I ordered some white chocolate raspberry caramels from same person and oh they are so good!  I ordered them weeks ago and still have over half the order.  Why the change?

A) When I focus on getting my protein and making the right food choices, the less healthy ones aren't as appealing.
B) I'm not as hungry and therefore not as apt to eat just to eat.

The band is doing it's job.  It's allowing me to lose weight and make changes in my eating habits so that I don't have to always deprive myself.  And if I don't have to deprive myself of everything I love the more likely I'm going to keep doing the things I should.

Besides, is it really fair to deprive the rest of the household who don't have food or weight issues of things because of my lack of self-control? I do to an extent when Hubster is deployed or in school because then I'm the only one buying groceries and the kids actually do like fruits and veggies. There is much less junk in the house when Hubster is gone...but when he spends a year at a time in a place most of us hope to never step foot in, I'm not going to say he can't have the things he's been deprived of for that year when he is home.

I think everyone needs to do what works for them.  Yes, sometimes we have setbacks, but it's a matter of taking responsibility for those setbacks and making better choices tomorrow.  It's a matter of supporting all those in this journey because in the end we're all working toward the same goal...being a healthier version of ourselves!  Being smaller and opening up the shopping avenues is just an awesome perk!


  1. Nice post.....and I see you have lost 5 more pounds....yay!!!!!

  2. High five!! GREAT post!! Thank you!

  3. no to depriving yourself of treats! :) (i type this as i indulge in key lime graham gellato that i bought at target yesterday....instead of doing my nightly run :-/

  4. I miss these little things too :P

  5. Kellie - You have to try the Key Lime Pie Yoplait! Mmmm!!