Saturday, November 20, 2010

What I Eat

Work week:


Coffee with 2 tbsp Dulce de Leche creamer - 100 calories
Snack size ziplock of dry cereal

Morning Snack:
lately it's been snack size candy from the kids' halloween stash

Leftovers from the night before, whatever the drug rep brings in or a SmartOnes frozen meal

Afternoon snack:
more candy from the kids halloween stash, a yogurt or string cheese.  Depends on what's in my lunch bag and how crappy of a day it's been.

Whatever I make the family.  The other night it was burritos and I just eat the insides because the tortillas get stuck.  Other nights it's chicken and veggies, pot roast with veggies, etc.

Night time snack:
Again, sugar laden or chocolate.

Yes, I eat 6 times a day.  Even with a morning snack my stomach is loudly growling with hunger at lunch.  Same thing, even with an afternoon snack, it's growling by 5 when I get off work and dinner usually isn't til 7.  So I usually end up snacking while making dinner.  Sad, but true.  But I'm 7 months post op and have had only 2 fills resulting in barely,any restriction.  The only things I can't eat since being banded are breads.  So no sandwiches, pizza, doughnuts, rolls, croissants, etc.  I also don't exercise beyond the squats and walking done at work.  So that is why my weight loss is so much slower than many who are banded the same time as me.

I know we're not supposed to compare ourselves to others, but we're human and we all do it.  So yes, I get frustrated when I see someone banded the same time as me who's lost 60 lbs.  But my goal is to lose 75lbs, as I barely met the qualifications of being 100lbs overweight.  I'm not going to shed it as fast as someone who has twice as much to lose.  My weight loss may be slower and I may not do everything right, but I'm still losing and that's what counts.


  1. Hey there, I am thinking you may need a bit more protein in the morning. Or you need another fill. I eat my oatmeal w/protein powder for breakfast and I can go 5-6 hours without being hungry. I know you may not have time to eat a home, but I think you need a little more food. Just my humble opinion. I would really love to meet you sometime.

  2. I agree, I need more protein in the mornings. I'd even do a protein shake, but it hasn't been in the budget. And I don't have time to eat at home which is why I take my coffee and the little baggie of cereal. Not the greatest bandster choice, but better than candy.

    Thanks for the reminder of oatmeal. I actually did pick some up last time we were at the store. I could probably take that with me in the mornings and it would probably stay with me longer than the high carb low fiber cereal.

  3. I'm so glad the Halloween candy is finally officially gone. I agree with Miss Vickie about the protein. You are doing very well and are over 1/3 of the way there!

  4. I agree about the protein too. It DEFINITELY keeps me full longer than other stuff, so less snacking. I can't do solids easily in the morning, so I have a shake before or after my tea, at least on weekdays. But if you can do solids, maybe something like a hardboiled egg(white) or two or cottage cheese or even a small handful of almonds or walnuts would keep you sated longer than the cereal. Cereal is my kryptonite... I LOVE it, but it only makes me hungrier.

    I have to budget out for my shakes, but I get the HUGE thing of Optimum Nutrition's 100% whey every 3 months or so for about $40. There's like 80 servings in there, so it lasts a while as long as I only drink them on weekdays.

    We're on a $100 (or less) per week food budget for our family of 4, so I cook with eggs a lot. I also tend to buy chicken cheap and roast a LOT one day a week -- then make things with the leftovers for several other days. Beans of all kinds are staples around here too.

    Slow and steady -- you're doing fine!! :)

  5. It's always interesting to see what other bandsters are eating. Thanks for sharing! I agree with TheCurvyCat -- you're doing fine!