Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Musings

It's Monday...again!  Why is it that Friday is so far from Monday but Monday is so close to Friday?  It just doesn't seem fair.


It was a busy weekend, once again!  The bathroom is painted awaiting a new floor and finishing touches.  The basement is done and looks great!  Hubster really outdid himself!  We just need a new rug and are going to tile the area in front of the fireplace with's concrete right now and just sticks out like a sore thumb.  The bedroom trim needs painted as does the half bath off of the bedroom.  I cleaned up the back yard.  Stupid moles have really wreaked havoc and killed most of our grass.  Not cool!

Today I need to call someone about chimney repair (a flue issue), someone about landscaping to roll the yard, clear the brush behind the fence line and do some tree trimming out front.  I also have to call to have the garage door fixed...Hubster says he's not doing it because it's a huge spring and if you screw it up it can literally kill you.  So we'll leave that to the professionals! 

After all this work (and money) going into the house, I really hope we get orders back here after Hubster's school.  Yes, I'm emotionally attached to my house, but it is a great area.  It's not a huge city, but has the conveniences we need, low crime rates, good schools, etc.  It's also probably about as close to our home states as we're going to get.


Only 4 days til I am banded!  Wow...time really has flown by.   As you know,  I've had a couple slip ups but this weekend I was really good.  I am down a total of 6 pounds in 6 days.  I know I could do better if I was excercising but other than the normal of walking the dog and the home renovations, I haven't upped the ante in that department.

Post surgery, I plan on going back to Wii-fit.  No, it's not super strenuous but it does actually make this fat chick sweat and when I'm consistent with it, I do also lose weight.  It's also warming up so evening walks will also become routine.  I've been hearing quite a bit about Zumba...any of you do it?  Any thoughts?


It's been a long weekend.  We've gone from soaking his food in water overnight to make it easier for him to eat and to also ensure fluid intake to also grinding it in the food processor and feeding him a slow-feed bowl.  Still doing the elevated feedings and additional 20 minutes of elevation.  He continues to regurgitate and has lost another pound since Thursday.  TMI warning- his stools are also giving off warning signs.  He hasn't had much of any solid waste and what he has done is loose and bile colored.  His spirits are still good but we have made the decision that we are going to have to euthanize.  At this time we are planning to make an appointment for Thursday  unless his spirits take a turn for the worse before then.  We do not want him to see him suffer.  We'd like to take him to one more 4-H Kennel Club meeting so that the instructor we've been working with closely can say good-bye as well.  She works very closely with GSD's and has been a wealth of information and has gotten close to Kaz as well.

Our breeder has been outstanding and has offered us a refund or a new puppy.  While we know another puppy will never be able to replace Kazak and our feelings for him, we also don't feel our family would feel complete without another four furry feet around.  Of the puppies she currently has available,  two seem to have the qualities we are looking for - "mellow, easy-going, very friendly & happy, cuddly temperaments - very sweet natured, and extremely loving of their family" and male - we're going to need all the smile and cuddles we can get.


Next Sunday is the March of Dimes' March for Babies!  Our team, Jayden's Strides for Life, has not yet met our fundraising goal.  I am walking on behalf of Baby Jayden and Baby Cole.  Please consider supporting our team as we make strides to make sure all babies get a healthy start.  Every little bit makes a difference!

Baby Jayden's family has been approved compassionate reassignment to Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio where Jayden will have access to Brooks Army Medical Center.  This is a good thing for their family as it will reduce the traveling they will have to do for Jayden to get the care he needs both before and after his liver transplant.  Again, the family is estimated to have nearly $40,000 in transplant related expenses that will not be covered by insurance.  You can help this family by donating to the Childrens Organ Transplant Association and specifying Jayden Olmstead as the beneficiary.  His PELD score continues to increase and they are still waiting for a suitable donor liver.  Again, every little bit helps.  If you cannot donate but would like to help, please pass on his story and his COTA link and remember them in your prayers.  That is the best gift you could give.

Lastly, Baby Cole's family was very touched during their time and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and are hosting their Second Annual Blasingame Family Lemonade Stand to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for pediatric cancer research.  Their goal is to raise $500 this year for a great cause.  You can make a donation to their lemonade stand HERE

Thanks everyone!!! Together we can make a difference!


  1. one of my co-workers RAVES about Zumba. Mercy West offers classes. We should consider going! :)

  2. sounds like a date after our 3 mile march! :D

  3. I'm sorry about your poor puppy. It's such a hard decision to have to make.