Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thinking Through Typing, again!

So yeah, today was supposed to be my lucky day.  The day I got my band....but it was a no-go because I needed a sleep study.  Well that is scheduled for the 24th.  I've been keeping the sleep diary they've asked me, too.  I'm actually doing pretty good on the no caffeine thing.  I had one Coke yesterday and so far that's the only caffeine I've had this week.  Unfortunately, other than Monday, I haven't drank much water though, either. 

As for my whole back, back, back & forth stuff, that decision has pretty much been made.  The hubster got orders today.  Looks like we'll get to move to Florida just in time for the dog days of summer!  Heat and humidity...a fat chick's favorite friends..NOT!  I'll hopefully have some decent results from the band by then so at least I won't be mistaken for a beached whale.  We won't be eaten by gators at the beach, right?  Apparently we just have to watch for the bears in the back yard from the advisory issued by the installation.   However, I also realize that is is likely the only chance we'll get to go somewhere really neat and plan to make the most of our time there.  We will definitely be doing Disney World (even if it's still 8 hours away) and Busch Gardens.  I'll build sand castles with the munchkins and  look for hermit crabs and do my best to get my good friend to visit and do a beach photo shoot.   Not to mention, I'll have yet another nursing license from yet another state to add to my collection!

Well, A. is bugging me for the computer.  She's got to play!  Talk to you all later!


  1. Hi, are you coming out to Hurlburt or Eglin Air Force Base? I live in Navarre about 15 miles from there. Amy W. lives in Pensacola and she is 15 miles from me the other way. I hope to be banded in May. Let me know if you are moving this way!

    Miss Vickie

  2. We are actually moving that way. :) It says Eglin AFB, but I've heard the school is actually by Hurlburt Field.
    Any recommendations on where to live with a good school district? Oh and we have a german shepherd and a need to find someplace that will allow pets.

  3. I have only lived here since Sept.09. My husband works for Boeing in Fort Walton Beach. That is just down the road from Eglin. The traffic is horrendous on the 98 which is the main drag through the air bases. If your husband does not want to travel far, I would suggest Mary Esther or Ft. Walton Beach. We live in Navarre which is west of the base and my husband drives 18 miles one way. He goes to work early so the traffic doesn't affect him. As far as schools are concerned...I have no idea because our kids are all grown and gone. Let me know when you get in town and I will come and meet you. Good luck with the move! The beach is awesome!

  4. thanks! it'll be cool to get to know people who know the ins and outs when we get there!