Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a Weekend!

With the move looming, it was time to gt our rears in gear!

Thursday we cleaned out the garage and got things ready for next weekend's neighborhood yard sale. Almost ready for that. I still need to transfer Monster's clothes out of the dresser in his room into his new big boy all-in-one loft bed! I love that if he'd just sleep in it!! We also got a fresh coat of paint on the walls in the dining room and the hallway.

Friday, I scrubbed down the bathroom and got a start on the laundry. Then I took Munchkin to see "Alice in Wonderland" 3-D with the A family girls. The hubster and Mr. A stripped all the old flooring in the basement family room and started laying our new floor. Us girls picked up some Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home and fed the men! ;) After the A family left, I worked on more laundry and watched "My Sister's Keeper". Yeah my eyes were still a little puffy this morning from all my boo-hooing! LOL

Today, hubster and Mr. A headed to the landfill to dispose of all we had discarded from the garage and old flooring. Hubster returned the floor stripper and picked up Munchkin from the A family's house. Hubster has since been working on the flooring downstairs. I started with the bathroom redecorating by painting. I let Monster help....until he started painting the shower tile! Then it was time for him to go help daddy. We only got a quart of the paint because hubster wasn't sure about the color. Needless to say, it got the first coat done with the exception of cutting in. It's a nice light buttery yellow. I love it. But will get more paint tomorrow to finish the job. Until then, I continue to work on laundry.

Sure seems like a lot of laundry, huh? It is. Laundry is the one job that just never seems to be done in this house. It is my domestic nemesis! Just when I think I'm finished, another load magically appears. Do the dust bunnies under the beds knit themselves into clothing items just for me to wash?! I've always said the laundry here breeds like bunnies....that must be how it happens!

Tomorrow, we tackle the master bedroom since all the laundry should be finished. Painting and rearranging, staging. All the good stuff. We also need to finish painting the main bath and paint the half bath off the master bedroom.

I'll post pics of our weekend results tomorrow! I think the family room is looking awesome! I'm feeling a bit jaded that the house is finally going to be done and we won't even get to enjoy the fruits of our labor (and bank account) for very long. *pout* But maybe we'll get lucky and the house will sell quickly!


  1. Whew! I'm tired just reading that!

  2. Hi I just found your blog and look forward to following you on your journey. I am being banded in Mexico on Wednesday, 3/24 and I am so excited. Please stop by my blog to say hello. I can use all the help and encouragement I can get!