Wednesday, March 3, 2010

That Bites...

and not in a sexy, Edward Cullen kind of way!

Today was my pre-op appointment with surgery scheduled two weeks from today. Did you catch that? in past tense!

I had to re-submit to my insurance back in January, which involved paperwork related to symptoms of possible co-morbidities. Well, when I gained that 15 pounds after my post-Thanksgiving course of prednisone, I started snoring and so I checked off that box. A year ago, I didn't snore.

Anyhow, at that appointment in January we discussed possibly doing an apnea link, which is a take home test to see if your oxygen sats drop through the night. If it's positive, then they order a sleep study. Well, they never ordered the apnea link, today's pre-op appointment was scheduled as was surgery. I get there today and they inform me that because I indicated snoring, I need a sleep study. No biggie, right?

Wrong! They can't get me in to do the sleep study until March 24th which is over a week after my surgery. So, you guessed it! No surgery until the sleep study is done, the results are in and I have the necessary equipment, if indicated. Really? They couldn't have figured this out before today considering my appointment was over a month ago?! Talk about feelings of frustration and disappointment!

Surgery is now scheduled for April 2nd. Instead of being two weeks away, I'm now a month away from getting my band. Did I mention feelings of frustration and disappointment with this?

On the bright side:

I can go to dinner with the family for my birthday and have a slice of cake ala mode.

We can take the kids on a 4 day trip instead of only 2 for Spring Break.

I'll be able to eat on said trip instead of being on the pre-op diet.

The surgery is on a Friday so, hopefully, the hubster won't have to burn any of his leave. Munchkin will be in school that day so I only have to find child care for Noggin.

How telling is that two of my "bright spots" have to do with eating?!


  1. That sucks and I'm really sorry to hear all the confusion. I'm sure you have every right to be disappointed but at least you have plenty of bright sides. Good luck on your journey!

  2. I am sorry to hear about that... Hope the month goes by quickly for you especially with all those activities...

  3. Here's a nice perspective:

    Still sucks though. Sorry you have to wait.

  4. So sorry for the delay, but as you said, you can now do some other fun things. My birthday is March 15th so we must be close if you can now go out for dinner. You'll get there.

  5. Thanks, Jess. We just had all the arrangements made and I had already been easing into the pre-op diet. Having it pushed back just messed with my head a bit. There are indeed a bright side to it being pushed back but it was still disappointing.

    Sandy- Mine is the 14th. :) Pisces rock!

  6. Sorry to hear about the postponement, but it will still be here before you know it!