Saturday, February 20, 2010


Off topic - again!

I finally conquered my blog nemesis: the embedded comments box!!! I realize taht for most of you, it was just a click of a little button. Not so for me. My template was apparently not compatible with the easy way.

So I google the hack codes. I spent at least two hours scrolling through the HTML to find the said code, delete it, paste in the new...just for it not to work! As if that isn't aggravating enough, I'm currently sleep deprived from picking up a 3rd shift last night, staying over two hours, then trying to sleep as the kids thunder up and down the stairs to the basement playing.

Frustration + Sleep-Deprivation = Me wanting to chuck a laptop across the room!

Lucky for me, some blogging brainiacs had a code that does work! You can find it here. Of course, it wasn't the original solution. I had to use the update, single line one.

Nevertheless, I conquered my blog nemesis! You can now comment with ease and predictability!


  1. Hooray! I can comment! Nice job fixing the glitch.

  2. You so should have started a blog ages ago. Just so you know. :)