Monday, February 22, 2010

Weigh Day

Monday is my official "the-number-on-the-scale-counts" day.

Today's number is 219.

That's 4 down from last week and 11 down since I weighed in at the surgeon's office on January 8.

So what does today's weight mean?

Apparently, deciding to change breakfast to one of my pre-op diet choices last week did make a difference. That is encouraging. Is it possible to be in Onederland before surgery once the pre-op diet is in full swing?

I'm getting a bit nervous! What if because of my weightloss with these small changes, they won't do surgery? Not to mention some of my excess weight that showed up on the surgeon's scale was due to a course of prednisone I had to take over the holidays because of an allergic reaction. If any of you have been through a course of prednisone, you know that you literally become an eating machine! I remember one day I was eating Pringles that seriously tasted like cardboard. Yet, I kept on munching despite the awfulness. I even ate when I knew I wasn't hungry...not even head hungry.

Although I am easing into the pre-op diet, I know it is not something I could maintain long term. I've been doing my protein shake or fruit with milk, then waiting 4 hours before I allow myself lunch. Trust me, I'm hungry when that 4 hours is up! And that's just the pre-op breakfast change. I know the hunger is going to increase as I add in the rest of the pre-op diet meal changes.

This week, I'm adding in the pre-op diet allowed snacks. This way I can eat something two hours after breakfast and not be so darn hungry when lunch comes. Next week I'll add in the pre-op lunch options. Then the week after that is full blown pre-op diet time.

Has anyone else had significant weight-loss between qualifying for the surgery and the time of surgery? Did you also fear they'd deny you the surgery at the last minute because of that weight loss?


  1. Hey Chicky.. almost everyone has a great pre op weight loss and we can only wish that is what WL will be like after the band.. but it doesn't work that way.. you shouldn't worry about having a lower BW by the time of surgery.. the docs like to see that and encourage WL so that your liver is easier to move around during surgery.
    As far as prednisone.. my husband in on Dex for cancer and let me tell you he has gained a lot of weight.. it does turn you into an eating machice.. hope you come off of that soon..

    Be well and goodluck.

  2. Thanks, Barbara. I guess I'm a bit paranoid because a year ago I went through this process and was denied because at this weight, although I met the 100lbs over IBW, my co-morbidities weren't severe enough.

    It wasn't until I gained those 15 pounds between the hubster's homecoming and the prednisone that my comorbids got worse and I was approved.

    I hope the Dex is helping your husband and he is able to go into remission. Thoughts and prayers your way!