Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lucky Charms

What I wouldn't give for a bowl of them right now! And they're not even close to being my favorite cereal.

No, I'm not officially on my pre-op diet but I'm trying to ease into it. Therefore, this week I am doing my pre-op breakfast options.

Monday - I messed up and ate 6oz of light yogurt with my banana. It should have been the banana and 8oz of lowfat milk. Oops!

Tuesday - I had the most horrible protein shake I've tried to date. I couldn't even finish it. Skip the Designer Whey!!

Wednesday - Totally messed up. Ate half of my daughter's strawberry toaster strudel because she was full. <-- Insert huge habit change here! Do NOT eat the kids' leftovers just to avoid throwing it away. I am not the trashcan!

Today - I really want a bowl of cereal. Instead, I settle for a chocolate Amplify protein shake. I must say it was much, much better than the Designer Whey. And FYI future bandsters, it is 20% off at GNC right now. They have many great flavors to choose from and if you don't like it for any reason, you can return it (with receipt)! I did that with the Designer Whey.

So I did not give in to the pressure for a bowl of Lucky Charms and I'm going to take it that my craving for Lucky Charms has to do with the fact that I'm being banded on St. Patty's Day. Maybe I'll wear my green shamrock PJ pants to surgery! LOL


  1. I really have to change the habit of finishing my daughter's food too. Thanks for the info on the shakes. I hope to be living off them next month!!

  2. Amplify has more I want to try, like chocolate mint, banana creme, and more. I have the regular chocolate one and I think the one they had mixed up at the store was like a chocolate fudge because it was much darker brown.
    They also have these cool shaker things. The hubster uses it to take to work. He measures out his two scoops of powder then gets a carton of milk from the DFAC, adds it and shakes it and is good to go.