Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's a Date!

I received a call yesterday from the coordinator at my surgeon's office. My pre-op appointment is on March 3rd with surgery scheduled for Wednesday, March 17th.

So now the serious preparation begins. It's time to start stocking up on the items I'll need for the dietary restrictions both pre-op and post-op. It's also time to start sampling the protein shakes and powders to see which ones are the best as they'll likely become a household staple. No, I won't have to live on protein shakes forever, but with our on the go society, I'm sure they will make an appearance at least weekly as a meal substitute. It's also time to start taking the time to actually eat my meals, instead of inhaling them. After the surgery, in order to prevent food items from becoming stuck, they have to be chewed to mush. I might as well start getting into the habit now even if I will be on liquids and mushies for around a month.

So as I ready as I am for this change, I'm a little sad. Only because it means learning that I need to eat to live, not live to eat. And do I ever live to eat. Ask me about anywhere I've been and I'll tell you where to go for the best food. When we go to our homestate for visits, there is a list of places I always want to visit because we can't get it where we are located. It's a sick obsession, an addiction if you will. But unlike cigarettes, alcohol, or other drugs I can't quit my drug cold turkey. My drug of choice, food, is a requirement of survival. No one knowingly offer a recovering alcoholic a beer but woudldn't think twice about offering a foodie like me a piece of cake at dessert. Just like it takes the alcoholic just one sip to knock him off the wagon, it just takes one bite of really good food to undo a week of good eating. Again, just another reason why those with chronic weight issues bounce around the scale like a yo-yo.

Now that I know my date and know that the pre-op restrictions are coming, I am going to take this month leading up to my surgery to start making the changes I talked about above. It's my goal to make those changes my new habits and lose at least 15 pounds before surgery. So here is to the official start of my metamorphosis! *cheers*

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