Sunday, January 2, 2011

Banded or Bulemic?

Somedays, it's hard to tell the difference!

Apparently, my band clamps shut in the middle of the night.  Last night was my first night 12 hour night shift at the base hospital.  About 1am I was stomach growling, trying to digest itself kind of hungry.  So I went to warm up the turkey with gravy and sweet potato casserole I brought from home.  One bite of turkey and two bites of sweet potato casserole.  Stuck...painfully stuck and going to throw up. 

Tossed it up and was still very uncomfortable, lots of sliming, etc.  Threw up two more times.  Definitely looked like I threw up more than I ate...weird huh?  Anyhow...quite embarrassing considering it was my first night shift with a new crowd.  I'm feeling a little tight today yet but am wondering how I'll make my protein/calorie goals if I can't getnything down during the hours I'm actually awake?  Protein shakes, I guess.

I've also noticed that I tend to have more "stuck" episodes followed by PB or throwing up when it's meat that's been reheated in the microwave.   Not just the turkey, but I've noticed it with steak, chicken and other meats.  Goes down fine the first time, then if I warm up leftovers the next day....that's when the whole stuck, PB, slime, vomit episodes occur.  Anyone else notice this?

It's just so frustrating to tolerate one thing one time and then 12 hours later get stuck on the exact same thing, hence the title.


  1. I think anytime you warm up food, especially meat, it is more likely to get stuck. It gets too dry. Sorry you got so sick sweetie.

  2. I have the same problem with reheated meats. The bulemic thing made me laugh, my husband is mortified as my 2 year old was coughing into her potty chair the other day. They don't miss a thing at that age so they?

  3. I haven't had this problem yet, fairly new with the band and my first fill was only 1 week ago. However, one of my doctor's "rules for the band" is NEVER REHEAT MEAT. They said just gets too dry after reheating it and very likely to get stuck. I know everyone has different rules, but hopefully this will help you not get stuck so much. Good luck!

  4. Microwaving tends to make meats a bit tougher, more chewy-er - might be part of the problem.. From what I've read, everyone is different. Maybe try taking something meatless next time to reheat...

  5. I usually have problems with reheated meats of any kind...I do still try but without success mostly. I always am tighter after having a PB as it causes swelling around the pouch...I usually take an anti immflammatory tablet to ease swelling.

  6. I find the same thing happens to me when I reheat meat. i have to make sure it is in extra tiny bits and chew extra just to be sure :o)