Friday, January 14, 2011

Stop the Stress Eating!

bad, bad, bad!!!!  But I'm doing it and it's driving me mad because I. know. better!  However, it just hit me a few moments ago as to why I am doing it.  I noticed I was doing it, but  not sure why.  Now I know.

Hubster double tapped in the guided missiles portion of EOD school just before Christmas Exodus.  He caught a break and was recommended to repeat the course without having to go in front of a review board.  He just started the class again yesterday and the big test is in exactly one week.  If he fails it again, he is more than likely done with EOD school.  However, his previous MOS is currently overmanned and the Army is cutting almost 50,000 jobs thanks to the budget cuts for the DoD.  Meaning, should he fail out of EOD school, it's likely he won't have a job to go back to in the Army and they will begin the discharge process.

It makes me extremely thankful that I am now in a civil service position, but my income is nowhere near enough to support our family.  Not to mention I have to complete my 90 days here before I can transfer to any other DoD position.  I'd do my best to get a position near our home in Kansas and pray like hell hubby could find something there either with Caterpillar, a gov't contractor or civil service position. 

To make things worse, I have an appointment on Wednesday for a fill and to see the nutritionist.  They are going to be very upset when they see how much I have eaten and it's craptastic nutritional value.  I feel like a big band failure as I haven't lost any weight since the week after I got my last fill in September.  *sigh* 

I'm really praying hubby gets through this school...and would appreciate it if you'd send good thoughts his way, too.


  1. I will be sending prayers your way too... Please don't beat up on yourself, you're going through enough stress as it is.... Tomorrow is another day.. Always remember that!

    I'm in your corner!

  2. D- your words made me cry... thank you for your very sweet thought...
    Your hubby will do fine, tell him to envision himself aceing the test... I am sending super positive vibes your way ~~~~~~~~ X 1000.
    Lesson learned by this old gal... life will go its own way, and you just have to say.. I did my best.. hugs to you D..

  3. I agree with Barbara. I kept telling myself I would pass the real estate exam. I hate taking tests, but this time I did try positive thinking. I will hope for the best for both of you. I just saw Dr. Friedman on thursday. There is a new nutritionist named Bridget. She is very nice. I got a little more aggressive fill this time, and it's working. Just tell the doc how you are feeling and ask him for his advice. That's what I did. Good luck with everything, honey!