Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where does 10 years go?

Here we are in 2011, a new decade.

10 years ago:

I had been married 2 months (ex-husband).
I was a new Army wife.
I lived in Temple, TX.
I was not a mom.
I worked as a gymnastics instructor.
I was a certified nursing assistant who had dropped out of nursing school after the first semester.
Present day:
I will celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary on the 15th (Hubster).
I am again, an Army wife, just more seasoned. (going on 6 years with hubster plus 3 with the ex)
I currently live in the Florida panhandle (and have lived in Indiana, Oklahoma and Kansas since TX)
I have two children and two step-children.
I am now a licensed practical nurse and  have completed all the pre-reqs for my RN.
I work for the Department of Defense, caring for our service members and their families.

Weight-wise, I probably weigh the same today as I did 10 years ago or pretty darn close.  I'm hoping that a year from today, I'll weigh what I did two decades ago, and be even closer to that RN degree.

Bring on 2011!


  1. Trust me - it can happen. A year from now, you can be looking at a whole new you! I'm finally at the weight I was 10 years ago and hoping to hit the weight I was 15 years ago. :)

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. My wish this year is to finally meet you in person! Good luck with everything!

  3. Youre're right with that one! "bring it on"!! Happy New Year, my Friend!

  4. Great shows how much you've accomplished this past decade and sounds like a really positive vibe is taking you into the new one! You've had a lot to deal with this past 9 months and it finally sounds llke you're getting the break you deserve...onward and downward (on the scale that is :)) xx