Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Visit

So the visit kinda sucked!  Nothing like going to a weight-loss doctor and showing a weight gain!  Granted, it was only two pounds that could be accounted for by my jeans and shoes (last time I was in capris and flip-flops that they had me slide off before getting on the scale).  But nonetheless....kinda embarrassing.

I asked about the pain I was having that was much like the pain I had prior to surgery that was chalked up to the hiatal hernia that was repaired during banding.  He kinda blew it off like it was nothing but I'm still kinda worried the repair might not have stuck.  Guess I won't know unless it keeps happening or my next doc looks into it further.

I did end up getting a fill.  This is my third since my surgery in April.  I'm sitting at 5cc in a 10cc band.  Honestly, this might be the one that really gets the show on the road.  I'm down 4 pounds since my appointment on Wednesday and about to see a new low!  180's should be arriving by the end of this coming week. :)  However, because I actually feel some restriction now and can really only eat about 4-5 bites of something before I'm full, I see I will definitely have to get serious about the vitamin regimen or I'm going to really be anemic (I tend to run borderline as is).

 I also met with the nutritionist, who I really liked and she gave me some great ideas for band friendly foods on the go.  I just can't take much more yogurt and string cheese.....

On that note, hubby and I are going out tonight to celebrate our 6 year anniversary (it was on the 15th) and the fact he passed his test on guided missiles and is still in EOD school.  Thank the Lord!!  We're going with a girl I work with and her husband to a local seafood place on the bay.  Then maybe off to a movie if anything looks good!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Anniversary and I am so happy your husband passed the test!!! I'm glad you liked the nutritionist, I did too.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a nice night together!

    I'm also in need of good on-the-go foods. Do you mind sharing me with of the ideas your nutritionist gave you? My blog is at or my email is