Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not So Smooth

Smoothie making is apparently not my thing!  No, I haven't had the blender explode on me but my concoctions are not drinkable.   See, I was inspired by the blog "The World According to Eggface" to get creative with my protein shakes/smoothies. 

My first attempt seemed simple enough:
Low fat vanilla yogurt
Frozen cherry berry blend
1% milk
A drizzle of honey

Sounds like it should work, right?  Yeah, well it didn't.  I think it was the honey, but it had a weird aftertaste and it got poured down the sink.  I just couldn't force myself to ingest it.

Tonight, I decided I really wanted to play with the Torani Sugar Free Syrup I bought on the recommendation of Eggface.  I'm out of protein powder so I was making do with what I had.  I thought this sounded good in theory.
1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
2 tbsp SF Torani Caramel Syrup

Once again, not very good.  I think it was the syrup, to be honest.  It seemed to have a cheap alcohol aftertaste.  Not what I was looking for.  I was thinking creamy pumpkin pie-ish.  But again, my sink was fed.

I have resigned myself to sticking with what Eggface has already proven to be tried and true.  Now if it was pay day so I could actually get some protein powder.  Really?  Why does every single one have to be jumbo sized and at least $30??  I could really use half the size at half the price so I could get two flavors!

On the bright side, I'm looking forward to trying the SF Caramel Latte recipe on the Torani bottle tomorrow morning.  It sounds right up my alley and cheaper than Sbux.


  1. Ohhhh, I do that all the time! You're not the only one with a well fed sink! And caramel latte sounds soooooooo good! Let me know how it is!

  2. I do that too, I have a freezer half full of disgusting soup I made, I know that I will never eat it!
    I don't like the taste of honey at all, yuk!

  3. I buy the Jillian Michaels protein powder from walmart its like $10 for a smallish tub it lasts me a while maybe you can try that one?

  4. Thanks, Krystal! I'll check it out next time I'm there. Protein powders are so hit and miss...they're either good or really bad. LOL