Monday, May 10, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

It started off cold and it's just cold and drizzly with the possibility of more storms.  I've been holding off on laundry because I didn't want to get caught with laundry spread through out the living room as I fold and sort to put away.  I figured today was a great day to catch up on it because after not a single phone call for a showing all weekend, no one is going to want to trounce around in this lovely weather to go look at houses!


As I have about three baskets of laundry surrounding me, the realtor calls.  They want to show the house in half an hour?  Are you flippin kidding me?!  Today of all days!  It's wet, the dog has of course been out and so there are muddy paw prints on the ceramic tile.  Munchkin's room looks like a typical tween's room and Monster's room looks like the tornado he is went through it.  There's also the fact that Monster's pull up was not quite on right last night and so I woke up to a wet bed this morning and I haven't had a chance to wash the bedding because I had already started laundry last night before bed! Oh, and lovely puppy has some GI upset going on and we're still housebreaking so she had a nice runny crapcident on the rug in the basement family room.  I scrubbed and cleaned but yeah, odor still lingered.

So I scrubbed and cleaned some more.  Put carpet refresher on the rug then went upstairs to sprinkle refresher throughout the carpet upstairs, and a little on the landing at the bottom of the stairs to the basement.  Wash what dishes didn't make it into the dishwasher, sweep the floor, mad ten second tidy in Munchkin's room, same in Monster's room.  Thank heavens for their secret storage cubby's!  At this point, who knows what's in them.  Quickly hang the "show" towels in both upstairs bathrooms, and the nice fluffy rugs.  Quickly put away the folded laundry and hang up what needs hung.  Pile all the rest into a laundry basket and set in on my bed.  It'll have to wait.  Drag out the Dyson and start vacuuming like mad....suck something up in Munchkin's room that makes the brush bar quit rolling.   SERIOUSLY?!  At this point I am in panic mode and frankly quite pissed off cursing hubby under my breath for talking me into listing the damn house instead of just putting it up for rent while trying to fix the damn vacuum!  Obstruction released, finish vacuuming frenzy upstairs.  Drag the vacuum downstairs to vacuum the rug and landing.  Shit!!  They're going to be here any minute and I still have to get Monster and my little guy I watch in their car seats and intot he car.  Unplug vacuum, wrap up the cord and put vacuum away.  Run upstairs, put baby in car seat, grab car seat, Monster climbs in his carseat and I buckle him.  Dammit!! I forgot the diaper bag and a bottle.  Run back in grab bottle and diaper bag.  Get in car, buckle up and go to start car.  Where the eff are my keys?!!!  Yes, my keys are missing!  Run back in grab the spare.  Open garage door and back out of garage.  Wait for showing to be over so I can go home.

Get home to find a message that the realtor couldn't get the key out of the door.  Nor could the guy she was showing the home to.  I should have Hubster look at it.  Ummmm, yeah...Hubster isn't here, genius!  So I luck.  Flippin key is still stuck in my front door.  I will have little man's dad try when he comes to pick up little man.  Otherwise the damn thing is just going to stay there!

So I now have an empty washer, so I strip the bed and head downstairs to throw the linens in the wash, just to realize that in my panic stricken cleaning frenzy, I forgot to vacuum the landing...that was attractive I'm sure.  Carpet deodorizer all over it! *sigh*

Where is that fairy godmother with combat boots to go kick Mr. Murphy in the nads when I need her?!


  1. I am exhausted just reading that. Hope tomorrow is better. Or better yet, I hope you get a dream offer from the showing!!

  2. They were here all of 10 minutes...not counting on an offer. The area we live in is in the county, not city and the drainage design is a failure. All of our lots hold water in the front yard and drive...not exactly curb appeal, but what can you do? The same thing we did...realize the house is a good deal and just put up with it or come up with the boucoup bucks to regrade the whole front yard, bust out the old driveway and pour a new one after installing a culvert like our neighbor two houses down did...but he has more money than brains. :)

  3. oh and we would have done it had we been here longer. There's only so much you can do in two years and considering handy Hubster was deployed for a year of that...even less!

  4. Wowser - I need a nap thinking of all that work!

  5. Sorry you went through all that hassle! Been there, done that! Selling a house is sucky work!!