Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thanks, Amy W!!

It's because of you that I signed up for Zumba class.  I just have to say that I great big puffy heart it!  It was so much fun and even my fat, out-of-shape self could do it and got through the whole hour!  I loved it and apparently it loves me, too because I saw a new low on the scale today!

Yesterday I was 211.  Today, I'm 207!  4 pounds overnight...AWESOME!!!!

I'm definitely making sure the gym I join in Florida offers Zumba and am hoping to do it more than once a week!  It's that fun!  I'm looking into buying some DVD's to do at home in case it's not offered more than once a week.

YAY!  I love ZUMBA!


  1. I go 3 times a week at my gym here in FL. I truly enjoy it. I also lose a couple of pounds after a workout. Are you getting excited to move?

  2. I am getting ready...I'm sure the excitement will come once I get on the road! Right now, I'm busy making lists of what still needs to be sorted through, items I need to take with me (and finding a place to hide it all from the movers), changing addresses, getting Munchkin's school records, etc.

    I also need to get busy and submit my resume so hopefully I can find a job on base. If not, I guess I'll just have to be a beach bum! LOL