Friday, May 7, 2010

Stupid Hormones!

I feel like I'm going crazy!!
As you all  may remember from a recent post I've been having girly issues since surgery.  Since hubby is gone now for Phase I, I quit all the hormones.  No Ortho Evra patch, no estrogen patch, no progesterone pills.  So I'm having all the great things that come with TTOM from horrible cramps, random bouts of tearfulness and the "if-I-don't-get-chocolate-or-ice-cream-right-now-I'm-going-to-implode-right-here-on-the-spot" kind of cravings.  Not good for a bandster or anyone trying to lose weight.

The random bouts of tearfulness can come on in an instant.  Looking at Kellie's baby and realizing I'm not going to get to see him every day like I do now and miss out on so much of his first year.  Yeah, tears at that thought today at McAlister's while having lunch with Kellie, her little man and Monster.  Yesterday, it was watching Kasey and Monster interact.  Monster considers Kasey his second mom and her oldest girl is his girlfriend.  He's always saying how much he "lubs" them!  Or Wednesday night at Kennel Club when Munchkin made two new friends that she will be leaving in a matter of weeks.  *sigh*

Luckily it is the weekend and it's supposed to be stormy and cool, so I can hole up in the house and watch movies and play games with the kiddos and not think about anything else going outside the walls of this house.

Stupid hormones!!


  1. I hate hormones as well. Hope it gets better... All I can say is let those tears go.. It is good to cry...

  2. The hormones can drive you crazy... and chocolate which was once a staple for these bouts... is now pure sugary evil. I hope you get through this real soon. Keep up the good work.