Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Boobie-Do

For the first time in my life, well, since puberty anyways...I have a boobie-do. I have huge boobs...I was a 38DDD. But since surgery and losing weight, I am now back down to a 38DD. And my belly sticks out farther than my boobies do.

I know I should be thankful for the weight-loss but even at my highest weight, I loved the ta-tas. Granted, they required an industrial strength over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder that was usually only available in white or nude and sometimes even black! But they kept me proportioned. They kept me an hour glass even though I was am fat.

So while I could always deal with my wide hips and thunder thighs because I had the hooters to balace it all out, I don't have that anymore. My gut protrudes and I feel off and I hate it. I think I almost hate it more than my flatty (flabby & fat) upper arms.

I hope this stage passes soon and I get back my "normal" shape.

Will Zumba help? I don't know, but once again I lost 4lbs overnight and still love the class although doing the calypso steps is super hard for me...just not coordinated that way! LOL I wore shorts and a tank top because the room it's held in gets super hot. I have figureed out it's my form of self-torture. My thunder thighs, huge calves and flatty arms were so visible. The horror was enhanced by my if-I-was-any-paler-I'd-be-translucent skin. But that awful image in the full length across the room dance mirror is now my motivation. I am going to keep wearing shorts and and tank-top until I like the image reflected in that mirror. I just kinda feel sorry I'm torturing the rest of the participants. I hope they'll forgive me!

Well, I'm off to get ready for my first fill! Will update later!


  1. Awesome that you're doing Zumba although I'm not sure I could handle those wardrobe tactics. I'm more of a wear-what-makes-me-feel-like-I-look-good type. Glad you found what works for you though.

    Good luck with the fill.

  2. Awwww - a boobie doo. Better than a dunlap right? That's when your belly dun laps over your belt....I think or a BIF - a Butt In Front. I've had them all so I'm allowed to use those terms though they do not apply to you my beautiful friend.

  3. Oh, Draz...I have the dunlap, too. Only it dun laps over my I have a permanent indention from where my pants are...and no I don't wear them too tight. I'd rather have to buy a bigger size than my fat gushing over the tops of my's more than a muffin top...more like a bakery loaf! LOL