Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Musings

It's that time again!  Time for Monday Musings!

The Weekend
Friday night, hubby and I had a date night since he will be leaving this week to start Phase I of EOD school.  We went to dinner with the kids at the Olive Garden that just opened in town.  I was able to eat a little salad, half a breadstick and about 1/4 of my seafood portofino.  Yum!  I took the rest home and had 3 more meals (and one for Monster) out of it.  Not bad!
Then we left the kids with a sitter and went to catch a movie.  We watched the new "Nightmare on Elm Street".  It wasn't bad, but it was definitely not as good as the original.  Which, brings me on to my next point.  Seeing the remake of this movie made me feel OLD!  I've seen other remakes but they were remakes of movies I had never seen the original of because they came out before I was born!  So having been old enough to see and remember the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" kinda made me feel not so young!  LOL  Oh, and for the record, I think the original Freddy was scarier, too!
After the movie, Hubster and I went to the store to get the snacks and birthday cake for Munchkin's sleepover.  Nothing exciting but she's already asking for a VW Bug Convertible when she turns 16, so we got her a cake that had a VW Bug with flowers and peace signs all over it.  She loved it.
Saturday was a super busy day!  We started out the morning at Munchkin's school Fun Fair.  Both kids had fun playing games, bouncing in the bounce house and sliding on the super slide.  They also loved the balloon animals.  After that, we attended the birthday party of our friends' 4 year old daughter.  She sure was cute all dressed up as a cowgirl for her cowboy party!  Very adorable.  I did well and drank just water.  No cake and just two bites of Munchkin's leftover ice cream.  Then it was time to head home to get ready for Munchkin's sleepover.  10 girls came, only 9 spent the night but those crazy girls were up til 4 in the morning!!!  Which means, I was up til 4 in the morning!  I finally got them quieted down when I threatened to call parents to pick them up in the middle of the night....should have pulled that card out of my packet much sooner!  LOL
Sunday was pretty quiet.  Hubster took Munchkin and Monster fishing with him and I took a nap and did some laundry.  Busy but fun weekend!
The Move
We have official move dates!  Only 3 1/2 weeks left in Kansas and I'm getting a little sad.  I'm sad to be leaving my friends behind.  I'm sad I won't get to see little Rory every day and his cute little gummy baby smiles.
I'm stressed, too.  Me, two kids, our new dog and a cat who doesn't even travel to the vet well.  Ought to prove to be a challenge to say the least!  I cleaned out the medicine cabinet today.  It no longer looks like a small pharmacy!  I still have to go through the bookshelves and all the miscellaneous places we cram stuff just to get it out of the way.  Blah!  The garage is probably my biggest stressor because it's Hubster's area and there is just crap everywhere.  It is not organized by any means and I have no clue what he has or doesn't have so I have no way to know if something is missing on the other end or not to file a claim.  He doesn't get this, but whatever, it's his crap.  If he don't care, I don't care.
Our lease should be arriving this week, so we'll officially have a house in Florida to call home for a year or so. 
The Band
I keep juggling the same two pounds around.  Down two one day, up two the next.  Stay the same, then down two...repeat cycle.  Frustrating, but at least I'm not gaining.
Also frustrating is the fact that one day something goes down just fine...the next, the same exact thing can get stuck.  It's making it difficult to weed out the no-go's vs. okay stuff.
Another question I have for those more experienced bandsters, how do you get your fiber?  We're supposed to avoid things like broccoli, asparagus, corn, etc.  that would be good sources of fiber because they can get stuck.  So how do you get your fiber?  I was thinking I could make a bowl of Fiber One a part of my daily routine, but still not sure if cereal breaks the rules due to the milk.  Do you use Benefiber or something?  I hate to add another supplement, as I'd rather get my nutrients through diet but if I have to, I will.
Yesterday was my 1 month "bandiversary".  I still haven't had a fill.  It's not scheduled until the 19th and that feels like it's forever away!  It's only a little over a week before the move, so I definitely need to find a doctor in the Eglin AFB area that can take over fills.  Any suggestions?
Here's pics, not much of a difference if any.  *shrugs*


With Hubster leaving to start Phase I and knowing it'll be at least June before I see him again, I want to lose at least another 10 pounds before June 1st.
I signed up for Zumba class that starts tomorrow!  I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  I saw an infomercial on it yesterday and my thought was "there is no way my hips can move like that"  LOL  However, I'm going to do it and be faithful!  It's one hour a week.  I can do that!  It helps that Kellie is doing it with me! :)
I also have a goal to walk 1/2-1 mile every night until I leave.
Once I get to Florida, my goal is to find a gym with childcare onsite so I can really bust a move and get these arms in shape!!!


  1. i hear you on the movie remakes!
    that cake looks so cute! congrats on resisting it :-)
    i hope everything (the move etc) goes smoothly for you and your family!

  2. Hope the move goes well and you get to be in Florida! As to fiber, I eat asparagus and broccoli and lots of other veges. Don't have a problem with any yet but I'm not super restricted. I can even eat pineapple which for some is a no-no. Corn isn't my fav and I did have a small problem a month ago with it. Popcorn is ok. Just try a bit and see what works for you. I don't have an elimination problem if you know what I mean, but if I did, I have my benefibre handy.