Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Fill Question -

Tomorrow is my first fill and then we leave for FL next week. So my main concern is getting it "right". Not necessarily to the "sweet spot" (does that ever happen on the first fill?). But I don't want to feel like I got nothing but don't want to be too tight either. From what I have found there is only two doctors in the new area that I can go to for fills and they're a good drive...Pensacola and since there's only two, I don't know when I will be able to get in.

So I'm just curious, how much did you get for your first fill and did you notice a difference (some restriction or too tight)?


  1. I got 4ccs, and no I had no restriction. But sometimes that is ok, gotta let your body adjust.

  2. I didn't hit my sweet spot until my 4th fill. My surgeon put in 2 cc's at the beginning and from there I was filled 3 more times to get to 5 cc's total. Good luck to you. Remember that any restriction is better than no restriction. You just have to make good choices! :)