Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally Friday!

So it's finally Friday!   I don't know why I'm looking forward to it, as it's really just another busy day.  Today I get to get caught up on laundry (seriously, it breeds like bunnies around here!), catch up on Grey's Anatomy from last night and see the beginning of Private Practice that I missed.

I also get to pick up my fur baby from the vet.  She was spayed yesterday and of course, she vomited coming out of anesthesia with the trach tube still in.  So she comes home on antibiotics to prevent aspiration pneumonia.  I was also informed that she has a loose left hip joint and will probably be arthritic when she is older.  Oh and her protein level is too low and it was re-confirmed with a hematocrit test.  So she may have some GI issue causing her not to absorb the nutrients like she's supposed to which would explain why she eats constantly but is still on the thin side.  So we have to repeat that test before we leave in two weeks.  I'm sad because Kaisa has totally stolen my heart and she is truly MY dog.  So whatever it ends up being, I'm hoping it has a successful treatment plan with a good prognosis.  I'm also upset because I researched for months on breeders and thought we had a really good one, but this is our second dog from her with health issues. :-(

Today was weigh in day for the week and I am holding steady at 208.  Next Wednesday is my first fill and it can't come soon enough.

I apologize for being absent in blog land.  With the move coming up, packing in one week, and actually leaving in exactly two weeks along with trying to sell/rent the house, I have my hands pretty full.  I haven't forgotten about you all and I do catch up on at least reading your blogs when I get a minute via my phone....but trying to comment kills it.  So I just wanted to let you all know I have been reading!

Munchkin left me for the weekend...apparently her friend's grandparents' house with horses is cooler than mom.  Tomorrow we have a showing of the house, so I'll treat Monster to ice cream and the park! :-)  Hope all your weekends are great!

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  1. I missed you and OMG - Private was sooooo good last night. Shocking but good!