Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Didn't See This Coming

As you can see from my ticker, I'm 15 pounds down from surgery and 20# down from my last visit to the surgeon pre-op.  Not really too far into this whole weight loss thing, but I can see some physical changes.  Unfortunately, I'm not real thrilled with them.

I mentioned in another post about the "boobie-do".  You know...where my belly sticks out further than my boobies do.  It's a new thing for me as I've always had quite the rack.  That rack balanced me out...gave me the classic hour glass shape.  I've always been an hour glass and now I feel much more like a weeble-wobble.

Look Mom!  I can flyyyy!
Then there's the issue with my upper arms.  If you've been with me from the start, you know that my upper arms are the one area of my body I hate most.  Now with the weight loss, I hate them even more.  It's like I'm losing the fat that kept them inflated, so now the flabby stuff is like the flaps on a flying squirrel.  Just call me batwing, baby!  Maybe I wouldn't be as self-conscious but now we're in Florida and I refuse to wear 3/4 sleeves in 90+ temps with super high humidity.  I am all about comfort....but in order to be comfortable, my batwings are always on display because I'm either in tank tops or a swim suit.  Is it even possible to tone that area?

I really didn't see these feelings coming.  I'm losing weight, I'm getting healthy.  Shouldn't I be feeling more confident?  Feeling like I can take on the world?  Shouting from rooftops that finally, I'm losing it and it will stay gone?  Instead I'm having way more self-image issues that when I was at my heaviest.  Has anyone else experienced these kinds of feelings?  What did you to get over it?


  1. Embrace your bat wings. Here in Florida, we kind of sort of have to. We all aren't born to have Michelle Obama arms, but just do the best you can and the weight will continue to come off. Maybe you should try some weights to help tone the muscles, or use the elliptical where you arms are also getting a workout.

  2. And now i can't help but thing of the song: "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down". The confidence will follow. I feel the same way about myself, too. :) Just stay positive.

  3. Anyone know if they still make steps for step aerobics? I have some "theFIRM" videos - one which is "Jiggle Free Arms" but I need one of those steps and some new weights!

  4. I have been trying to decide if I should be one of those shake hands thingys..... my angel wing arms are terrible.

  5. Oh sweetie - I think this is just part of the journey - when you suddenly you realize you lost enough weight to make extra skin more noticeable. Been there done that - hence my tummy tuck. Focus on your health and weight loss now - worry about the skin when you are done...be well.