Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Phil...

Need Will!  Anyone seen Will Power around?  If so, please send him my way.  I need him to hang around for a bit since I'm unable to have Phil.  Phil is a whore and wants a $250 administrative program fee.  Really're such a sell-out!  It's not like I haven't already had the surgery.  Now all I need is maintainence, so what is this $250 program fee getting me?

I think Phil is friends with know, that guy that made that one law.  Otherwise we could only assume there is some strange cosmic alignment occuring that Phil would require that kind of money at the same time Murphy blew into town.

So, Will...Will Power...please report to my front door.  Accomodations are ready for you.  Thanks!


  1. you know he was at my door a few days ago but heard that Aunt Flo was coming to town so he hightailed it out of here! i think an APB is in order lol

  2. I'll make sure to send him back your way if I see him! Aunt Flo makes everyone disappear!

  3. He's a myth... He doesn't really exist. He's like Santa Claus or the tooth fairy...LOL. I paid a $1000 admin fee the day before my surgery but haven't paid one since... I hope my surgeon's office doesn't pull that out of their back pocket...Keep the faith!