Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yes, I am alive, dear bloggers!  The kids and I have safely made it to our new home in Florida.  Just got the internet up and going today.  Need to hook up the Wii now so the kids can watch movies until the Dish Network people get here.

Not much to report...we made a pitstop in AL to spend the weekend with the hubby where he is training.  Pretty uneventful.  Saw "The Toothfairy" and it was cute!

Our household goods arrived yesterday.  The kitchen is pretty much squared away and the computer is hooked up.  Everything else still needs unpacked so we will be busy with that tomorrow.  Hoping to make it to the beach before the oil hits...saw this morning it's already in Pensacola.  :-(  Such a sad anyone else amazed these rigs don't have an emergency shut-off valve?  I mean even the water to my toilet has one!

Anyhow, just wanted to drop a line and let you know that yes, I am alive.  Just trying to get settled in and make this house a home.  Wish me luck on the whole job hunting thing, too, please!  I need all the prayers, vibes and juju you all have got!


  1. Glad to hear you are settleing in...It sucks to hear about the oil being so close to the Florida Panhandle, they are such gorgeous beaches!!

    I'll send you a bunch of good job hunting karma!!

  2. Glad you made it safely and are getting settled in.

    The oil situation sure is a sad and frustrating story. I'm in Texas, so west of the oil spill but it won't take much to make it start coming here, too. My heart goes out to everyone on the Gulf Coast as well as all the people who are losing/have lost their livelihoods over this.

    I will send good vibes for finding a job, most specifically one that you like!

    By the way, nice to meet you!

  3. Glad you got to FL ok and hope you enjoyed the beach without the oil slick.