Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bloomin Human

There is a human inside this post surgical shell!  I feel much better today!  YAY!!!!  Managed to shower, dress, do dishes and make some cinnamon rolls and coffee for my houseguests.  I also have my little man that I babysit during the week back today.  My how he grew over the weekend!  He's so sweet.  I think his momma was glad to see me feeling better today, too.  She stopped by yesterday to pick up a check for our t-shirts for Sunday's March for Babies walk and I was still feeling pretty rough and it showed!  However, I'm a bloomin human today!!  Whoo-hoo!!!

Had another yummy protein shake today. 
4oz 1/2% milk
5 ice cubes
1 tsp creamy peanut butter
1 scoop Amplify chocolate smoothie protein powder
1/2 ripe banana

Mix ingredients together and blend until smoth.  Very tasty!

I will admit, I'm doing so well on the hydration so I'm really pushing the fluids to get back the balance.  The protein shakes have been tasty for the most part and I'm having fun experimenting, but I'm definitely ready to chew some food.  I made cinnamon rolls for my houseguests and I did try a little nibble.  However, it was pretty doughy, despite being done and so I spit it out.  Definitely don't want to get stuck.  And I shouldn't really miss chewing that much....I mean I get to chew my Pepcid Complete twice a day and two Flinstone vitamins!  LOL

I also figured out that the source of my pain and the reason I feel like I can't breathe right is probably due to the hiatal hernia repair.  The pain is where there are no incisions, right under the left lower ribcage.  The same place I'd get a weird feeling if I ate too much (usually Mexican) prior to surgery.  It hurts worse if I take a deep breath and sometimes it really feels like my diaphragm and lungs aren't working together right.  I'll definitely be bringing that up at my follow up appointment on Friday.  I hope it will pass soon because it bites big burritos...especially since it's the only real pain I have.

I also realized that I'm getting the worst mommy ever award.  Between the stuff with Kazak and surgery, I totally forgot tomorrow is Munchkin's play.  She's really just an extra with no lines, but she needs a fish costume.  A costume we were supposed to make.  Well, as I said, totally slid off the radar and now we have to come up with a costume.  She wants to be Flounder from "Little Mermaid" but I'm not creative enough to make a costume like that that fast.  So she's going to have to suck it up and be a jelly fish and wear her black sequinned tutu from Justice with irridescent ribbons coming off it for tentacles...because it's all I can think of.  Bad, bad, mommy!


  1. So glad to see you were feeling better today! Not just because you have my little man today, but because i felt horrible for you! I could just tell you weren't feeling much like yourself at all!

  2. That shake sounds yummy. Glad you are feeling better and trust me, that cinnamon roll would probably have gotten stuck and then you would have not felt too hot! Keep up the good work...

  3. The pain you're experiencing could well be the muscle pain from where your port is stitched in. Many surgeons attach the port in the left lower rib area. The muscle pain from the port is the worst pain ever. Mine kicked in a few days post op and I thought I'd torn something it was so bad. It's pretty common though apparently. See what your provider says anyway, but I hope it feels better soon cause it really bites! xx