Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day

Is it just me, or is this week just dragging by?  It's not that I really have anything to look forward to his weekend...this week just seems to be going so slow!

Not a whole lot to report here.  I am technnically supposed to still be on liquids til Friday but can't handle I've moved on to mushies.  It seems all the liquids were sweet and I just couldn't handle any more protein shakes after the last 3 weeks of having them daily.  I usually just have chicken broth and mashed potatoes, although last night I did have some chili.  We have to go grocery shopping and I'm just wondering what kind of mushies you enjoyed? 

Monday night we got our new puppy, Kaisa (KY-suh), which means empress.  She's a white/cream colored German Shepherd and is really just the sweetest thing ever.  I'll try to add a pic in a bit.  The kids just love her, including Monster.  She's not as rough and tumble as Kazak was, which I think Monster appreciates.  Tonight will be her first puppy class with Munchkin and tomorrow is her initial vet check up for 16 week shots, etc.

Hubster is at his levy briefing this morning so now we'll officially have orders and be able to make more plans in regards to the move.  He's pushing for the kids and I to stay here in KS while he does his schooling (about a year total) and then he'll try to get orders back here.  I on the other hand, think we should keep the family together.  Lord knows the Army keeps us separated enough...2.5 out of the last 5 so far between deployments and training.  It also seems every time we get reassigned, he is of course, sent to a unit deploying.  So I don't want to separate the family for a year while he's at school, just for him to graduate and get sent to a deploying unit where he'll be gone another year.  And honestly, I really don't want to do it in KS where my limited support network will be reduced to nothing this summer when the few friends I have will also be PCSing or ETSing.  Lastly, FL is probably the only "cool" place the Army will ever send us.  My vote is to rent the house out for a year since that's how long we'll likely be gone and then try to get orders back here as it's an area we both really enjoy and is close enough to "home" to make family visits reasonable.

Oops, sorry, that last bit kind of went off on a tangent!  But it's whats on my mind this hump day!  Hope all of you are having happy hump days!
*sings* Let's all do the dance....let's do the hump...the humpty dance


  1. Not that I have a vote (ha-ha), but I agree with you and think you should try and stay together. There is NO telling what the military will do and it would suck if you were apart for even longer than necessary! When it came to enjoying mushies, I lived off of babyfood, mashed potatoes, pudding and scrambled eggs. Have a great day!

  2. Hmm, with my broken jaw I had to drink my food for 7 was quite an experience; however, I enjoyed my milkshakes and Ensure. Other than that, I usually blended soups out of a can. Eventually, oatmeal was allowed without blending it. I love oatmeal and Malt-O-Meal.

    As for the moving thing...that school is pretty intense, so he might be concerned about being able to focus as much as he needs to. I totally understand you wanting to be there, because EOD is not like a typical unit. They have been deploying once a year like clock work. It really is like nothing else in the military. If you move there, you'll be able to see him...but for his own safety the family will have to be put on the backburner for him to put his schooling first. (LIfe or Death, you know) Rob said he won't want his family there.

    It's a tough call, but I know you'll make the right choice for the family.