Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Skinny Jeans

Yay!  I was able to put on my skinny jeans last night!!  No rubber bands, no feeling like I was cutting off the blood supply to everything below my waist! 

I'm not sure skinny jeans is the right term, but maybe skinnier jeans.  They're my Lane Bryant jeans, size 2 red petite.  I bought these jeans while Hubster was deployed and they were my favorites...not to mention for years my jeans have come from Wal-mart (yes, I really did like their Faded Glory but now their jeans suck).  For a fat chick, these jeans made me feel good, although I about choked on the price after the years of Faded Glory jeans.

*I tried taking a picture, but to no arms just aren't long enough to get a full length body shot!  I'll try to add one after Hubster gets home and can take it.*

Anyhow, happy as I am to be able to wear them again, I'll be even happier when I get down to my size 16 Bill Blass "real" know before "stretch" was incorporated into everything denim!  I look HOT in them...or at least sure thought I did.  I wore them on my first date with Hubster back in '04.  There will be pics when I hit that goal!

Happy Hump Day!  Don't forget to vote for Cole in the Parents Magazine Cover Contest!


Not only is he super cute and belong on a magazine cover, winning would help cover the costs of his feeding program!  You can vote once a day for the next 4 days!  Please share the link with your family, friends, and followers, too!

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