Thursday, April 15, 2010


I made a super yummy dinner tonight.  I sauteed onion and mushrooms with some fresh minced garlic and just a splash of worstechire.  Then I grilled some chicken breast in the leftover juices with just a bit of balsamic vinagraitte.   Green beans with Mrs. Dash as a side.  Helloooo deliciousness!!!

Too bad I'm full from the 3 pieces of California roll I had as a late lunch.  But I'll have a tasty lunch tomorrow...provided the chicken isn't too dry.  If not, I'll just enjoy the mushrooms.

Yes, I'm supposed to be on mushies....but isn't everything mushie after being chewed well? *shrugs*  Yes, I am a bad bandster.  I admit it.  But I started this blog to journal my experience with the band....the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The only real concern I have is that I will stretch my pouch, but I'm eating really small portions and have avoided all things carbonated.

One question I have for the other bandsters out there, am I the only one who has difficulty not drinking for an hour before and after eating?  I try really hard, but a half hour is about as long as I can wait.

So there you have it from the non-compliant banster.

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