Saturday, April 24, 2010

Call the Pope

and call me a convert!!!  I have just found the most incredible make-up product ever!!!

For years I have been a very loyal Mary Kay consumer, even going so far as to become a consultant for the discount.  I've always been happy with their products and feel they are great.  I was just tired of having to come up with an order big enough to qualify for the discount every time I needed something.  I also didn't want to deal with having to deal with a pushy MK consultant to get the goods (and I don't want to pay full price).  So I decided to go with something more readily available that I could just get when I need it.

I ordered myself the Bare Escentuals "Get Started" and "Happiness" kits from Sephora.  It arrived Thursday afternoon and I couldn't wait to go "play" with my new stuff.  All I can say is the Bare Minerals are AMAZING!!!!  They feel soooo light and give such great coverage.  My skin really does look flawless!  I love how natural it looks as I am one who just likes to have my skin tone even, throw on a bit of mascara and lipgloss and call it a day.  This product gives my skin a nice even tone and nice healthy glow, although I do feel the "warmth" is a bit dark for my fair skin.  I prefer "Glee" out of the Happiness collection for all over face color.  The eye colors in the Happiness collection are great, but I only use those on "date night" or other special occasions.  The Buxom Mascara that came in the kit is incredible.  It's my new favorite.  And the Berry Rush lipgloss smells incredible but lasts a long time and is like your natural lipcolor with just a bit of shine.  I will definitely be ordering more of it.

So, I just had to share my new found beauty product rave with you all.  I know many of you probably already use BE and I'm late catching the boat....but gimme a break.  It was a long swim!  LOL

One last thing....Please take a second and vote for Baby Cole in the Parents Magazine cover contest.  It just takes a second and voting ends tomorrow.  He's come from 4000 something to #15.   Oh and if you  have more than one computer to vote from...go ahead! 


  1. I just bought some mineral makeup yesterday too (Ireland) but I looked amazing. I have been looking for the right one and at my hair salon they sell this one so I am hooked. Want to try a bunch of their other stuff too. I was a MK user but found having to call for new stuff tedious as she always wanted me to have a party. Too bad because their stuff is good. I tried a couple of times to vote for Cole but kept getting hung up at the website. Don't know why but my internet has been wonky for a while.

  2. After you click to vote for him, it does ask for you to enter a short phrase that is in parentheses...and that step is required to submit the vote.

    Thanks for trying! :D

    Glad you found some minerals you love, too!