Friday, April 23, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

It's Friday, so I thought I would share a conversation that Munchkin (who will be 9 tomorrow) and I had earlier this week.

Somehow, we got on the topic of the birds, the bees, babies, and proper terminology for the girl parts.  Yes, the word "vagina" was mentioned.  Munchkin thinks this is a weird word and thinks we should just continue to call them "privates".  Fine with me.

Anyhow, she starts asking how babies are born if it's not a C-section (which I had with Monster).   So I told her that the natural way for babies to be born is through the vagina.  She asks how a baby can come out of there and we discussed how the cervix and vagina stretch.  So with big eyes she uses hand gestures making a circle and it stretching huge and asking "Like this?!" and I replied "Pretty much."  Her response to this was.....wait for it.....

"Like a cow's butt?"

At this point I bust out laughing because totally not the kind of response I'm expecting!  It just seemed to be totally out of left field.  But then curiosity got the best of me because it's not like we live a on a farm.  So my next question of course is "How do you know what a cow's butt looks like?"  She said she saw one pooping once and it's butt stretched to let the turds out.  Niiiiice....

Just another day with a preteen!


  1. OMG - freaking love this post. You could have told her it was called a whootananny or turkey neck! HA!

  2. Let's not forget "ham wallet" LOL