Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Home

The surgery went welll and on schedule.  I was in the recovery area for about 45 minutes before being moved to a curtained area where I was given ice chips.  A little later they gave me the barium drink (which is nasty for being unflavored).  I went and had my x-ray, everything looked good.  I asked the doctor how mliver looked and she said it was fine.  I lost a total of a 8 pounds on the 10 day pre-op despite the cheating.

I was given a dose of liquid pain meds before heading home, and slept the whole way.  I think we got home somewhere around 1?  I made myself comfy on the couch and slept some more, til about 4.  Then I started sipping some Crystal Light and I had a sugar-free popsicle at 5:15. 

Hubster is picking up my meds and the kiddies. 

My throat is scractchy and a little sore from the intubation.  The area around my port feels like a muscle strain.  Other than that I'm not hurting too much unless I take a deep breath.  Then I get a sharp pain on the right side of my chest.  My guess is this is the trapped gas.

I just took the first look at my tummy post -op as well.  I have 5 little incisions, covered with steristrips and bandaids.  I can removed the bandaids and shower tomorrow afternoon.  They'll take the steristrips off at my follow up appointment next week if they haven't come off before then.  My tummy looks weird to me.  My top tummy is sticking out further than the baby roll/pooch which is usually the opposite.

I'm on clear liquids for the remainder of today and tomorrow and can start full liquids Sunday.  I'm definitely going to try some of the soup recipes you all have shared with me.  I also picked up some sugar free puddings and lots of light yogurt.  Carmen got me hooked on the cinammon roll flavor of Yoplait and that is what I'll be having for breakfast!  Yum!

Anyhow, that's it in a nutshell!  Thanks to my dear friend Kasey who kept Munchkin and Monster for me so that I could have this done.  I love you, too, girl!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS BANDER! Keep walking and sipping!

  2. You're probably going to have a big, bloaty tummy for a while. They pump you up full of gas during surgery and I felt like the Michelin Tire Man, I was so puffy. Plus, they pump you full of IV fluids so don't freak if your scale says you weigh more than when you went in for surgery. I was up 5 lbs for 3 days after being banded. Gas-X and a heating pad will help with the gas pains once the gas gets moving around. It worked wonders for me..I'm glad to hear you made it out safely and are doing well!! :)

  3. Welcome newest bandster. Hope the recovery goes well.

  4. Welcome to the other side. Good luck with your recovery!

  5. Glad that everything went well! My "top roll" lol is STILL a little swollen over a month later :-) oh and the boston creme pie yoplait is pretty good too!!

  6. Glad you are okay! Keep us posted.