Monday, April 19, 2010

Reality Sinking In

Tonight we took pics of the kitchen to give to our realtors/property managers.  Later this week we will sign the paper work with them to rent the house out in June or July. 

We've found two houses we're interested in.  Both are 3 bdr/ 2bath.  One has a pool and about an extra 100sq. ft. or so.  The other one is a bit smaller but has a great split level deck and vinyl fencing and is $150 cheaper.  Both places have schools with good reviews both from and parents.

I'm working on getting my resume together to try to get a position on base.  However, it's through the Direct Hire Authority so I'm not sure if I should send a "resumix" style resume or one I would submit to a civilian employer.  With the Army's CPOL, they use an optiscanner and so many words have to match the job description in order to even be selected for review by a real person.  I think with the DHA, it skips that step.  So I'm leaning toward the civilian style resume. *shrugs*

As for the band, I'm feeling frustrated.  Even mushy stuff like blended pasta salad is getting stuck.  I feel like I'll never have "normal" foods again.  I ate like crap today, munching on bbq potato chips because they dissole in the mouth and go down easy.  Bad food choice.   So tonight I had the Amy's Black Bean Chili with some nacho cheese and sour cream.  It's definitely got good flavor, but I'm still tired of liquids and mushies.

Speaking of a bowl of cereal considered mushy if you let it get soggy?  Or does it go against the band rules because of the milk (no drinking while eating).  Yes, this is something I pondered as I let my Reese's Puffs get mushy this morning.

I walked a bit last night but didn't get out there tonight.  Will do double tomorrow!

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