Monday, April 26, 2010

Our "Fixer-Upper"

I thought I'd share some random pics with you all.  Those of you have been following me know we've been busy working on the house to get it ready to rent out or sell.  So here's a few shots.
Front View
Kitchen from Dining Room
Kitchen from Garage

Kitchen from Nook
The kitchen is probably our pride and joy because within 72 hours of closing, we had completely gutted it.  Ripped up floors, ripped out cabinets, etc.  We also gave it a new floor plan.  The fridge used to be right nest to the stove where the second cabinet on the right is.  Hubster did laid all the tile, hung the cabinets and installed the countertops.  My dad did the lighting at the kitchen sink and our new ceiling light last year when they came to visit for spring break.

Living Room
Family Room
The living room isn't really anything spectacular.  We did do the textured wall painting using a rag technique.  We love the huge window as it lets in lots of light and really brightens the room.

The family room is Hubster's pride and joy.  He and his friend ripped up two layers of the ugliest linoleum and peel and stick ever known to man and installed the pergo flooring.  That desk in the right hand corner was built for me by my dad when I was probably Munchkin's age.  Yes, the TV is on the floor because we haven't found a new TV stand we like yet.  And the blue color...we mixed that one ourselves with some leftover paint from the guest room, dining room and Monster's room.  LOL  Try matching that! 

Monster's room is probably my pride and joy.  I spent hours painting his room that bright!  Yes, it is fire engine red and royal blue with caution light yellow trim.  As you can see, it's based on the Disney "Cars" theme.  You can't see from this picture but he has all the "Cars" wall decals all around including "Lightning McQueen", of course!

The guestroom, again, not anything spectacular.  I just really love the navy and khaki colors together!

This last pic doesn't have to do with the house, but I'm posting it just for Drazil.  This is what it's like to be the deer on the way to work!  No, I was not hit by a deer.  It was exactly one week after Hubster deployed to Iraq for the second time and I guess my mind was elsewhere.  I pulled out in front of a Chevy Silverado that I didn't see until after I felt the impact.  Hung out and did the police thing, let the tow truck take my car, walked back to my house (where you see the truck in the left corner is the road to my house) and got Hubster's truck and went to work (late, of course).

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